2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook

2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook

2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook

Yes, it is here! 2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook is finally here so all the MacBooks and iMacs owners can play this cyberpunk adventure game. MidBoss developed and also published the game. You assume the role of a journalist who is trying to track down your kidnapped friend and Parallax engineer Hayden Webber.

2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook


Let’s tell you more about 2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook! You are helped by Turing who is Hayden’s creation as well as the world’s first sapient machine. He is a self-modifying robot who is able to learn and grow emotionally. In the morning of December 21, Turing decides to break into your character’s apartment. Then he reveals that Hayden was kidnapped by unknown assailants. The two begin searching and are assisted by locals TOMCAT, Lexi Rivers and Jess Meas. Tuning and your character are assaulted during a search of Hayden’s apartment and they end up meeting a doctor called Yannick Fairlight.

Next, Tuning declares to dispense justice and then he uncovers the responsible for the situations. Then the story splits depending on which lead you want to follow. 2064: Read Only Memories is about mister and moments field with tense atmosphere so you are going to enjoy it.


2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 30 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.10 & up
  • Processor: i5

2064: Read Only Memories for MacBook DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

The game is available to download via two different methods. Both are up and working, torrent is faster and direct is the simpler method. Once downloaded, simply extract game folder from .dmg file and enjoy it.


More Game Details:

While your investigation progresses, you are going to see more and more folks that kinda defy gender and identity norms. Some of them are women with a mustache and a goatee and others are pretty ambiguous. On the other hand, you will encounter human-animal hybrids. While playing the game, you will find more cool things about it.