Attack on Titan 2 Mac OS X

Attack on Titan 2 Mac OS X

Attack on Titan 2 Mac OS X

Searching for an hack and slash video game to play on your Macintosh? Then download now Attack on Titan 2 Mac OS X version and start playing right now one of the best hack and slash video game released this year. This video game is available to download by using torrent or directly as .dmg file that contain the full game. The version for Mac and iMac was tested on a lot of devices and found working without any errors if meet the below requirements.

Attack on Titan 2 Mac OS X gameplay
Attack on Titan 2 Mac OS X REQUIREMENTS

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Free Disk Space: 29 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.11
  • Processor: i3 minimum

Attack on Titan 2 Mac OS X DOWNLOAD 

Direct Download     Torrent Download

  Game is available to download as dmg. We recommend torrent download because the game file size is a bit bigger and direct download need good internet connection. Once you have the .dmg file extract the game to apps and run.


Attack on Titan 2 continues with the story from the previous game, Attack on Titan. It is a hack and slash, action video game that will be released on 15 March 2018 by Omega Force. The development of the game has started soon after releasing the first Attack of Titan and seeing the success it had.

The game comes with a variety of new and improved features. First of all, the omni-directional action is versatile, giving the players more freedom of movement, and also a better targeting to counter precision, providing new challenges. As in the previous game, there is a set of actions aimed to entertain and capture attention: The buddy action, The hook drive action, Sneak attacks, Detection and Restraining. Furthermore, the evolution of the second game brings deeper battles, providing a more thrilling battle experience.Also, there is an annihilation mode that allows players to get into 4 vs 4 battles. You and your team have to gain the highest score, in a limited time. One of the best and most important ways to earn points and win the battle is by defeating and devastating titans. In order to do so, the key is working together in a competitive, quick and efficient way with you team.

Unlike anything before, Attack of Titan 2 lets player explore a new, undiscovered, facade of the characters. The game shows not only new sides of the characters, but also sheds lights between the relationships of the characters.Characters can be of two types, humans or titans.