Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X

Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X

Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X Version

From the Batman series now we have Arkham Knight available for MacBook. Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X is free to download. Anyone can have the game on iMacs and MacBooks. Published by Warner Bros and developed by Rocksteady Studios this game is based on the DC Comics hero Batman. Developer added a lot of new improvements in the last game from the series. They now have better graphics, new sound effects and a better gameplay. The game come now with a higher map and Batmobile. As score we has rated the game with 9.3 from 10. Is a good action game for macs and everybody should try it.

Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X screenshots

Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X has been tested and works on every mac computer that meet the minimum requirements. If you have an retina mac the you will love the game. The graphics are displayed awesome and you will have a higher quality. We tested the game on MacBook Pro. Our computer has meet the requirements listed below and the game worked perfectly and without any lag. This version is converted for MacBooks by some great IT engineer. They made the game to can be played on OS X and not require any activations, software or any other thinks. Just download , install it and play.

Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X requirements

To play it is recommended to have at leas a mac computer with I3 , 2.1 GHZ Cpu speed and minimum 4 GB Ram. As free disk space approximately 50 GB. Game run great on GeForce or Radeon HD with 1 GB.

Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X Download


Direct Download     Torrent Download

Get the game now with torrent or directly. You can choose how you want to get it on your computer. To get Batman Arkham Knight Mac OS X version with torrent go and first download .torrent file. Open it with uTorrent and start downloading. You will get only a .dmg file that after open it will mount as disk. Now install the game and you are ready to play. Direct download will give you the same file but is recommended to have a good internet connection.