Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version

Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version

Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version team is happy to announce a new game now available for Mac computers. The game that we talking about is Battlefield 1, the best action game released in 2016. Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version is available to download now free with torrent or directly. Published by Electronic Arts , the game is inspired from historic events. With a lot of action and shooter this game has been sticky as ” must play game” and rated by our team with 9.4 from 10 as score. In Battlefield 1 the developers added for us a lot of new improvements.

Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version gameplay

Now we can use from a big collection of weapons, automatic, semi-automatic, rifles ,melee weapons, etc. Players also can take control of armored vehicles like tanks , aircrafts, zeppelin. Multiplayer mode of the game supports 64 players. Map is very large with a lot of hidden location. Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version is really awesome. The game has been tested and found 100% working on all OS X computers. We tested the game on MacBook Pro with the requirements from below and the game worked perfectly in single player and multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version Minimum Requirements:

Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version requirements

To run perfectly and without lag the game on your Macintosh is recommend to check your requirements. First check you processor, an i5 is necessary with 2.8 GHz speed. Also the RAM memory minimum is 4 GB and your OS X should be 10.6.4 or higher. Battlefield require approximately 40 GB free disk space.

Battlefield 1 Mac OS X Version DOWNLOAD



Direct Download     Torrent Download

Torrent and Direct download are available right now. You can have the game on your computer by downloading via torrent ( uTorrent or BitTorrent is required) or directly. Both ways will download on you computer an .dmg image disk file. Open it, install the game and you are ready to play. You don’t need activation key or cracks, just download , install and run.


Gameplay on MacBook