Days Gone MacBook Version

Days Gone MacBook Version

Days Gone MacBook Version

Good news for all the MacBooks and iMacs owners. Another cool 2019 game called Days Gone MacBook Version is here. So you can play this action-adventure survival horror video game on all Macintosh computers. The game is developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. You take control of Deacon St. John who is a former outlaw-turned-drifter and also bounty hunter. He is the type of character who prefers life on the road to wilderness encampments.

Before installing Days Gone MacBook Version, please check the requirements below.

Days Gone MacBook Version gameplay


Days Gone MacBook Version takes place two years after a global pandemic killed most of humanity. The survivors were transformed into ”Freakers” which are like mindless zombie creatures. Your task is to complete objectives in different ways like using stealth or several ranged weapons. The game features a cool dynamic weather system as well as day-night cycle. During daylight, Freakers are weaker and slower. When the night comes, they get faster and more aggressive.

In the game, you are allowed to carry at least two firearms at a time. Along with that, you get access to melee weapons like axes. It’s fun you are able to craft new items in order to improve combat efficiencies.


Days Gone MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

Days Gone MacBook Version DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

The game is available to download via two different methods. Both are up and working, torrent is faster and direct is the simpler method. Once downloaded, just extract game folder from .dmg file and enjoy it.


More Game Details:

You have to try Days Gone! Your character motorcycle is an important key to gameplay. It is serving as transportation as well as a mobile inventory for holding ammunition and supplies. This way you can access them when you are in need. You are allowed to customize your motorcycle to suit better in the environments.