Destiny 2 for MacBook

Destiny 2 for MacBook

Destiny 2 for MacBook OS X

The multiplayer game Destiny 2 is now playable on Macintosh computers. Destiny 2 for MacBook is free to download in two methods, via torrent and directly. Destiny 2 is an online video game played in first person perspective. This game can be played only with internet connection because does not have single player mode. This FPS game can be played on any iMac and MacBook that meet the requirements listed below in this page.

Destiny 2 for MacBook gameplayDestiny 2 has been developed by Bungie and published by Activision. They made a lot of new improvements in front of his predecessor , many in graphics and gameplay. Once you start the game you can select if you want to play with 3 vs 3 or 6 vs 6. The second game from Destiny already have a lot of good reviews from critics sites. In the new game we also have a bigger collection of weapons to kill. For more informations about the game you may also check here.

Destiny 2 for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

If you own and Macintosh computer and you are decided to download and play Destiny then here are few of the requirements. You OS X computer will need at least 4 GB RAM, this is absolutely necessary. Processor recommended is i3 with 1.7 GHz speed. The game dmg file size is 29.16 GB but is highly recommended to have approximately 50 GB because game may download addition data. One last important requirements is OS X version, 10.11 or up is necessary.

Destiny 2 for MacBook DOWNLOAD 

Direct Download     Torrent Download

  You can choose between torrent and direct download to get game dmg file. Direct download is a bit simpler and torrent is more faster. Once you get the dmg file open it and extract the game in application folder. Once completed you can delete .dmg file and run it from apps. That’s all , now enjoy the game.