Detroit Become Human MacBook Version

Detroit Become Human MacBook Version

Detroit Become Human MacBook Version

Finally is here! Detroit Become Human MacBook Version is now available for all the MacBooks and iMacs. This adventure game is played from a third-person view. While Quantic Dream developed it, Sony Interactive Entertainment published it. In the game, you are able to choose from multiple playable characters. In case they die, the story continues without them. Ready for the venture?

Detroit Become Human MacBook Version gameplay

Detroit Become Human is a game field with unexpected situations. The action of the game takes place in Detroit 2038. You control three androids Connor, Kara, Markus in events leading up to a eventual war between androids and humans. Kara is a housekeeper android and owns artificial consciousness. Because of some events she must take care of a young girl safety. The other android, Markus is a caretaker who is using his consciousness to free others like him from bondage. Connor is a police investigator android. He needs to hunt those androids that deviated from their programmed behaviors.

In Detroit Become Human, you can rewind to certain points in the story to make another decisions, in case you have regrets. In the same time, this game makes you think and act as fast as you can. Another thing is that your actions influence your character fate as well as the whole city destiny.

Detroit Become Human MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 30 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.10 & up
  • Processor: i5

Detroit Become Human MacBook Version DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

This game is available to download via two different methods. Both are up and working, torrent is the faster method and direct is the simpler one. After it is downloaded, extract game folder from .dmg file. Have fun!


More Game Details:

In Detroit Become Human MacBook Version, characters die and don’t come back. Each character can die at any point but the game goes on. Also you have to know that the androids are not created equal. Connor, for example owns more special abilities than the rest. He is able to visit a crime scene and virtually watch that scene unfold. This way he can uncover clues that are useful for the investigation.