DOOM 2016 Mac OS X

DOOM 2016 Mac OS X

DOOM 2016 Mac OS X

Another great action game arrived on MacBooks. Doom is a great first person shooter – horror game with a lot of action. id Software are the producers of the game and unfortunately they don’t give us an official version for MacBooks. But after many hours of work some great IT engineers converted the game and anyone can play it now on OS X. DOOM 2016 Mac OS X  is available to download free right now. Has been tested and can be played on any MacBooks and iMacs. Doom arrived with a graphics that gets an 10 for us. Any strange creature that is in the game can be seen to a great quality. The producers made a great job with the graphics and also with the gameplay. Scary sound from the game are also good and with a lot of great effects.

DOOM 2016 Mac OS X screenshot

The game have a big collection of male and range weapons that are made only to help you kill the strange creatures. MacGamesBox team rated the game with 9.7 score and added it to the section ” best games 2016 for OS X“. Below are listed the requirements if you want to play the game on you macintosh.

DOOM 2016 Mac OS X requirements:

DOOM 2016 Mac OS X requirements

Doom has been tested on an MacBook Pro with the requirements listed above. The speed of CPU it was 2.8 GHz and the game worked perfectly without any lag. Is recommended to have al least 45 GB free space on your macbook and at leas 4 GB Ram.

DOOM 2016 Mac OS X Download:


Direct Download     Torrent Download

Game can be downloaded right now. Two ways are available and one of them is with torrent. Get the torrent file then download the game via uTorrent or any else torrent software. Another way is to get the game directly. Any of this two ways will bring in your macbook an .dmg image file. This need to be mounted and the game is ready to play.