Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X Free

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X Free

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X Free

MacGamesBox team present you today a new and great game that now can be played on all MacBooks and iMacs computers. Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X is a fighting game inspired from the well know Dragon Ball franchise developed by Dimps. The game has been released ni 2015 but unfortunately the developers didn’t made an official version available fro MacBooks. Fortunately we have a lot of young IT guys that can convert games to can be played on OS X. Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X free version has also been converted and anyone can download it free and play it right now.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X Free screenshots

The game now arrive with a complete new story. Choose you custom character and go fighting in story mode. Also the graphics are awesome, here and at the sound effects the developers made a great job. The game published by Bandai Namco Games is also know as Dragon Ball XV. This version of the game also include 3 DLC each of them with new characters, skills , costumes and more awesome things. Also this version of the game do not require wine or wineskin installed on your Macintosh device. Just download the game, install it and play it.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X Free requirements

To play the game on your Mac computer is recommend 14 GB free disk space, 2GB RAM and the CPU should be Intel Core i3 or equivalent with 2.1 GHz speed. Also check to have OS X version 10.6.4 or higher. If you Macbook or iMac meet this requirements the game will run perfectly.

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Anyone can download Dragon Ball XenoVerse Mac OS X Free activated version right now. You can have the game on your computer via torrent or directly. Both will download on your computer an .dmg image disk file. After download install the game and you are ready to play. No addition softwares are required and no activations keys. Enjoy playing!