F1 2016 Mac OS X Full Game

F1 2016 Mac OS X Full Game

F1 2016 Mac OS X

Another great game can be played on MacBooks. MacGamesBox.com team is happy to announce F1 2016 on OS X. The game include 21 great new tracks, twenty two drivers and 11 teams. Now you can work with your engineer and team. 2016 Version of the game include a lot of new improvements and things. As graphics the game get as 9.2 from us and 9.5 for sound. The sound of powerful cars is better that ever. F1 2016 Mac OS X Full Game is available to download free. Not require activation keys or cracks. No need emulators installed in your mac and also no need to be an expert to start play it.

F1 2016 Mac OS X screenshot

The new improvements of the game let us now upgrade the car and practice with it. Is a great game and as racing game is in the top 10 games for OS X this year. F1 2016 Mac OS X has been tested on iMac and MacBook Air. Worked without any problems on both devices and the system RAM and CPU is not was so great. Anyway below are some minimum requirements listed. The game can work on devices with lower system configuration but may have lag sometimes.

F1 2016 Mac OS X requirements

F1 2016 Mac OS X Download:

Direct Download     Torrent Download

The game is free and can be downloaded right now. Click the red button to use direct download or torrent download. Both ways will give you .dmg image disk file. Torrent is recommended because the game have a big file size and you need a good internet connection to use direct download.

F1 2016 Gameplay on MacBook

Check the gameplay above. Has been recoreded on MacBook Air and the game work perfectly. Get it now and play it on your Mac.