Far Cry Primal Mac OS X

Far Cry Primal Mac OS X

Far Cry Primal Mac OS X

If you are one of the players who loves to play with male weapons then this game is for you. Far Cry series continue and now we have a new one , Far Cry Primal. The games is awesome, you are a hunter and must survive in the jungle. The game with some great features, a hight quality graphics that will give you the feeling that you are really in the game. As sound we give a 9 score and as gameplay for sure 10.  Far Cry Primal can be played right now one any MacBook. The game has been converted and not require other software to play. Just get it and run the dmg file.

Far Cry Primal Mac OS X screenshot

Primal is a great game that will let you do a lot of great and interesting things. As you can see in the screenshot above you can also kill an elephant :D. The game is 100% compatible with all MacBooks from pro to air and occurs retina that will give you a great quality. Far Cry Primal Mac OS X not needs crack or activation cd-key. The game is FULL and FREE! In the bottom of the page you can see the buttons to get it on your macintosh.

Far Cry Primal Mac OS X Minimum System Requirements:

Far Cry Primal Mac OS X requirements

If your Macintosh meet the minimum system requirements above then you can play Far Cry Primal Mac OS X without any problems. The game has been tested on that and works great.

Far Cry Primal Mac OS X Download:


Direct Download     Torrent Download

Full Game can be downloaded by using one of the button. Red button for directly download .dmg file and blue button to download torrent file and then to get it with a torrent software.