Fifa 15 Mac OS X

Fifa 15 Mac OS X

Fifa 15 Mac OS X Review

From the series Fifa games today we present you Fifa 15. If you dream to play the game on you mac and you have’t found it for macbook then now your dream will be real. The game is now available for MacBooks! After many hours of work some great people convert the game for OS X and anyone can play it. Fifa 15 Mac OS X is a great football game released by the EA Sports. The game can be played on any MacBook and no require a computer with great system.

Fifa 15 Mac OS X screenshot

There are not many things to say about Fifa 15. You should test it, on macbooks works great and without any lag. The game have a lot of improvements and a lot of new things. We test it on a macbook air and worked perfectly. Below are listed some approximately requirements. Anyway, Fifa 15 Mac OS X can be played on almost any OS X computer. Also if you want to try something newest Fifa 16 for macbook is also a great choice and you can found it on our website. 😉

Fifa 15 Mac OS X requirements

Above you have some approximately requirements for Fifa 15. You will need at leas 14 GB free space to play it and at least 2 GB RAM memory and you will enjoy the game for sure.

Fifa 15 Mac OS X Download


Direct Download     Torrent Download

Download the game now free with torrent by getting a torrent file and open it with utorrent or download it directly. Both option will give you a .dmg image file that after download will need you to mount is and can easy play the game.