FIFA 18 Mac OS X

FIFA 18 Mac OS X

FIFA 18 Mac OS X

The 25 game from FIFA series is finally here. Now we are talking about FIFA 18 Mac OS X. The new soccer game is now here and all Macintosh owners can download it and play it. This version of FIFA 18 for MacBook and iMac is free to download through torrent or directly. The game has been converted from pc version into mac version so everyone who own and mac computer can enjoy it right now. Does not require installation of addition programs to run!

FIFA 18 Mac OS X gameplay

FIFA 18 arrived with a lot of improvements. The new game is also create with Frosbite 3 gaming engine, but in 18 the developers improved graphics and gameplay. On the cover now we have Cristiano Ronaldo, probably one of the best football player in the world. As you may already know FIFA 18 can be played in single player and multiplayer mode. Both perfectly working in this version for Macintosh computers. In the new game developers added new players and new stadiums. Game was released in 29 september 2017.


  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Processor: i3
  • OS X Version: 10.12
  • Free Disk Space: 52.3 GB

If you are decided to download FIFA 18 DMG on you Mac / iMac computer then check the requirements listed below. Has been tested on iMac and MacBook Pro / Air with this requirements and found working without problems. If you mac not meet the above requirements you may also try to play it at minimum settings.


Direct Download     Torrent Download

  FIFA 18 for Macintosh computer can be download in two ways. First and the recommended is by using torrent download. You will need to have installed uTorrent in your mac then download .torrent file, open it through uTorrent and start downloading. Once completed open .dmg file and copy the game to applications folder. Now just run the game anytime you wish. Second method is by using direct download, is simpler but require good internet connection. Both methods are tested and work fine.

Gameplay on MacBook