Gears of War 4 Mac OS X ACTiVATED

Gears of War 4 Mac OS X ACTiVATED

Gears of War 4 Mac OS X ACTiVATED Review

We are very happy to announce a new game that any Mac user can enjoy it now. We talk about Gears of War 4 Mac OS X ACTiVATED version that anyone can download and play it on any OS X computer. Gears of War 4 is one of the most famous third-person shooter from this year. In this version of the game the developers have added a lot of improvements like new weapons and maps. The game impresses with a new and awesome graphics at 60 frames per second in multiplayer mode.

 Gears of War 4 Mac OS X ACTiVATED screenshots

Now we have two new fire weapons in the game and also a new and bigger maps. Sound effects of the game are better now and the gameplay is cool. team give the game 8.2 points from 10 and sticked the game as one of the best third-person shooter games available for mac this year. If you want to play the game on your iMac or MacBook then you can do it now. First check your Macintosh, see if meet the requirements listed in the image below. Then download and install the game on your macintosh , you don’t need activation key or crack for the game.

Gears of War 4 Mac OS X ACTiVATED requirements

Gears of War 4 Mac OS X ACTiVATED will need approximately 80 GB free disk space , CPU minimum i5 with 2.8 GHz speed. Also the game require minimum 4 GB RAM and check your OS X Version , you must have at least the version 10.6.4. Any MacBook or iMac the meet the requirements can play the game in single player and multiplayer without any lag.


Direct Download     Torrent Download

Gears of War 4 for Mac can be download free right now. You can choose to get it via torrent ( uTorrent or BitTorrent are required) by downloading the torrent file open it or you can choose to direct download .dmg image disk file. Torrent is recommend by us because the game size is bigger and if you choose to use direct download you will need a very good internet connection.