God of War 2018 for MacBook

God of War 2018 for MacBook

God of War 2018 is an upcoming action-adventure, role playing video game that has been published on 20 April 2018 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is the 8th from the Gd of War series, based on the Norse mythology, unlike all the previous games, which were based on the Greek mythology. Even though it will be a major difference, the main character will still be Kratos, and he will have a son, Atreus. Kratos will be the mentor and protector of his son. The good news are coming now, God of War 2018 was converted and now everyone who own an iMac or MacBook that meet below requirements can download it and enjoy it. God of War 2018 for MacBook does not require addition programs to run, just download and play.

The gameplay is also different from the first games of the series. Although the multiplayer option has been previously introduced, this game can only be played in single player mode. One of the major changes that the game comes with is that Kratos will no longer use his signature, the double -chained blades, and will use a magical battle axe instead, “The Leviathan Axe”, which can be thrown at enemies and infused with a variety of abilities. Also, the axe can be charged, and it will burst energy that can damage the enemies nearby. Furthermore, the axe can have light and heavy attacks that will launch enemies in the air.

God of War 2018 for MacBook REQUIREMENTS


  • RAM: 4GB (minimum)
  • OS X Version: 10.12 & up
  • Processor: i5
  • Free Disk Space: 45 GB

This video game was tested on many iMacs and MacBooks equipped with this details and found working.

God of War 2018 for MacBook DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

  God of War may be downloaded as dmg right now using torrent or direct download. If you are choosing the simpler method, direct download, then we recommend a good internet connection. Torrent is faster but require installation of uTorrent to download.

More game details:

The game is open, meaning that players can encounter optional boss-battles. To defeat difficult enemies, you can fill up the stun meter. When it is completely charged, a grab-prompt will appear. The ability of swimming was cut off from the game, nut you can use a boat when necessary instead. Even though you will play as Kratos, there are times when you will be able to take the role of his son, Atreus. During the course of the game, Atreus will help in combats, exploration, traversal, and puzzle solving. Even though it is not the main character, Atreus gains new skills, armors and special abilites, just like Kratos.