Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X

Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X

Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X

If are you searching an strategy game to play on you MacBook computer then you are in the right place. We are proud to present Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X. This converted version for OS X computer works on all MacBook and iMacs without addition softwares. Also no activation key or cracks are required in order play it. Halo Wars 2 has been released at the beginning of 2017 and a lot of player from all the world are very pleased with the game. Game have a lot of good review from players.

Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X gameplay

The second game from Halo Wars series arrived with a lot of improvements and new features. For example the graphics have a better quality , new missions and higher map. This Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X version is full and activated. Work in single player and multiplayer mode perfectly. The multiplayer mode can be played online from 1 to up to 6 players. Game requirements are listed below, all the macs from 2011-2012 up should can play this game if have a good configuration.

Game Requirements

Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X requirements

In order to run the game on you MacBook then you should check the requirements listed above. You will need approximately 24 GB free disk space , 4 GB RAM and OS X 10.6.4 or higher. Any Macintosh computer that meet them can play the game without any lag.

Halo Wars 2 for Mac OS X DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download
Halo Wars 2 ca be downloaded right now free by using torrent or direct download. Once the game is downloaded open .dmg image disk file and start the game installation. When has been done go to application folder and double click to open the game. That’s all, now you can enjoy the game on your MacBook without using additional softwares like wine or wineskin.