Hitman 6 for MacBooks

Hitman 6 for MacBooks Download [Full Game] FREE

Hitman 6 for MacBooks

Enter now to a world of assassins with Hitman 6. The game is in top “must play” games of 2016. With a lot of action and numerous ways to silent kill, the game attracted a lot of players from all the world. If you too want to play it and you have an Macintosh then we have very good news. You can play it immediately by downloading it free for Mac OS X. Below you have the links to get the dmg file or torrent. 6th series from the Hitman come with an awesome graphic,can be played on any macbook but players that have an retina macbook will enjoy the high quality graphic for sure.

Hitman 6 for MacBooks screenshot

The game falls in the Action mac games category, and yeah it really have a lot of action. As gameplay the game get a ten for us. The story is fabulous and will take you a lot of time to see all the game completed. Hitman 6 for MacBooks is free to download and anyone can get it as full game without any activations or crack. No need emulators or any other softwares installed in you macintosh computer to run it.

Hitman 6 for MacBooks requirements

Above are the game system requirement, if you have an MacBook Pro, Air or Retina then you for sure you can play it. The game can be played on any OS X. Has been tested on all models with 10.6.4.

 Hitman 6 for MacBooks Download:


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We recommend to get it via torrent, download torrent file and open it with uTorrent. Or get directly .dmg file and just run the game.