Kerbal Space Program for Mac OS X

Kerbal Space Program for Mac OS X

Kerbal Space Program for Mac OS X

This video game simulates space and it was released on April 2015 by Squad. The game describes a realistic orbital physics engine, which allows a variety of real-life orbital moves such as bi-eliptic transfer orbits or Hohman transfer orbits. Kerbal Space Program for Mac OS X is now available to download and can be played on any iMac and MacBooks without installing addition programs on your computer.

Kerbal Space Program for Mac OS X gameplay

Kerbal Space Program for Mac OS X REQUIREMENTS

  • RAM: 3GB
  • Free Disk Space: 5 GB
  • OS X Version Minimum: 10.8
  • Processor: i3 recommended

The game was tested on iMac and MacBook Air & Pro equipped with the above details and found perfectly working without errors.

Kerbal Space Program for Mac OS X DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

  The game can be downloaded as .dmg by using torrent or direct download. Once .dmg file is downloaded on your MacBook open it and extract game to applications folder, when completed run the game.


You will have different goal such as escaping the atmosphere, reaching a certain altitude or a stable orbit, capturing asteroids, landing on a specific planetary body or creating space stations and surface bases. To reach these goals, you will have to fulfill certain jobs.

Your first purpose is to administer a space program operated by Kerbals. Kerbals is a unique race, a race of small and green humanoids, who have created a spaceport, completely functional and fully furnished. Even though Kerbals seem as the type of beings that lack common sense, they have proofed the opposite, building complex spacecraft parts and performing experiments in order to reach their goals.

As a player, you will create rockets, spaceplanes, aircrafts and rovers and lots of other crafts from a given set of components. In attempt to complete player-set or game-directed mission you will launch these crafts from the KSC launch pad or runway. During these launches you have to make sure you avoid catastrophic failures such as structural failures or lack of fuel. 

You will be able control your space crafts in three different dimensions, with little to almost non assistance. If it has enough thrust and fuel, a spacecraft can enter an orbit or even travel to other celestial bodies. The three modes that the game has are: science, career and sandbox.