LEGO Worlds for MacBook

LEGO Worlds for MacBook

LEGO Worlds for MacBook OS X

We are happy to announce LEGO Worlds for MacBook. The game developed by Traveller’s Tales has been official not created for mac but now has been converted so any OS X owner can enjoy this game. Download is available free via torrent and direct. This version if full and activated. No need additions programs to run and not need key or cracks. Just download .dmg image disk file , open it and install it. LEGO Worlds for MacBook has been tested and found working on all MacBooks and iMacs computers.

LEGO Worlds for MacBook gameplay

Lego worlds is an video game who permits to build 3d constructions with bricks. Is just like a real world, but is with lego. Game has a good graphics an a awesome gameplay. You can choose to play in single player or you can choose to go online in multiplayer mode which is absolutely great. This simulation game now for MacBooks let us create own world exactly how we dream.  Developers worked many year to create the game. They released an early access in 2015 but the official version has been released only at the begging of 2017.


  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.10 or higher
  • Processor i3

If are you choosing to download it the check the requirements listed above. Mostly MacBooks and iMacs should run the game perfectly.

LEGO Worlds for MacBook DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download
If you want to download LEGO Worlds on you mac or iMac then you can choose between torrent and direct download. Both methods will download the same game but the difference is in download speed. Once is downloaded open dmg file and start the game installations. Now go to applications folder and enjoy the game.