Mafia III Mac OS X

Mafia III Mac OS X

Mafia III Mac OS X Version

The last game from Mafia series is finally available for download. Mafia III Mac OS X Version is free and anyone can have it on any iMac or MacBook. The game developed by Hangar and published by 2K Games have for us a lot of new improvements. Graphics have been improved , map is bigger now and the story is really awesome. Mafia 3 is an action – adventure game released at then end of 2016. Like GTA series in Mafia III we also can steal cars, complete mission, kill people and all that great things that we all love at GTA.

Mafia III Mac OS X gameplay

In Mafia III Mac OS X we have a lot of melee weapons and fire weapons. The game come with a big collection of old cars from the 1968. Our team tested the game and give it 9.3 start from 10 and sticked the game at one of the best action games in 2016. We think everyone who loves action games should play Mafia 3.

Mafia III Mac OS X requirements

Any MacBook or iMac that meet the requirements can play the game. Just check your professor and Ram memory. An i5 would be perfect to play it and 4 GB are enough. Also Mafia have a big file size, check your free disk space , you will need approximately 52 GB free. If you meet all this then you can play it now.



Direct Download     Torrent Download

  Mafia III for MacBooks is free to download. Anyone can have a copy right now. Torrent and direct download are available. Both ways will bring on your computer and .dmg image disk file. The game not require any activation key , crack or any emulator installed. Just download, install and play it.