Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mac OS X

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Mac OS X

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mac OS X

If are you searching for a great action game to play on your MacBook or iMac then this is a good choice. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mac OS X is a an awesome game released this year. The game has been converted and anyone can play it on any OS X right now. The game gets and 8 from us at rating. The graphics are very good. On Retina devices game can bee enjoyed on a great quality. The sound are getting an 7 and gameplay 9. The parkour game come with a lot of new improvements and a lot of great new things,

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Mac OS X screenshot

Electronic Arts team made a great work with the game. A big map is waiting for the players and a lot of big and awesome buildings. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mac OS X can be played on macs right now. Go and download .dmg image file and just run run the game. You don’t need installed emulators like wine or wineskin. The game is converted and also not needs activation key or cracks. We have these the game on iMac Retina the requirements listed below and worked perfectly.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Mac OS X requirements

The game will need approximately 25 GB free space. 4GB Ram memory and a CPU with 2.1 GHz to work perfectly and without any lag. MacGamesBox team has tested the game on iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and has 100% perfectly worked.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mac OS X Download


Direct Download     Torrent Download

The game can be downloaded now! There are two ways to get the game on your macintosh. One of them is via torrent. Download .torrent file and open it with uTorrent. Select your destination folder and start downloading .dmg image file. Another is to download directly .dmg file. Choose that only if you have an good internet connection. After downloading .dmg image file just open it and will auto mount. Now you can run the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mac OS X!