Nioh for MacBook OS X

Nioh for MacBook OS X

Nioh for MacBook OS X ACTiVATED

After many hours of work the unofficial developers announced the mac version of the game Nioh has been finally done. Nioh for MacBook OS X has been released official only for PS4 but fortunately our developers finally converted the game and now can be played on any MacBook and iMac. This is full game version, not need activation and not need wine installed to play it. Team Ninja worked hard and developed the game, they made a great job and a lot of happy customers rated the game with 8-9 stars on critics websites.

Nioh for MacBook OS X gameplay

We rate the game with 8.1 and is one of the best RPG game for MacBook this year. The game story happen in Japan, year 1600. You are a young killer with a lot of weapons. The game graphics look great specialty on retina MacBooks. Gameplay and sound effects make you play Nioh nonstop. The player have a lot of awesome moves that will help you kill enemy in great ways.

In order to run the game on you MacBook or iMac check your system be sure it meets the requirements. You will need 4 GB RAM , i3 processor and the OS X Version should be at least 10.8 or higher installed on your Macintosh. Nioh has been tested on MacBook air with 4GB RAM, i3 and found working without lag in perfectly.

Nioh for MacBook OS X DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

If you are interesting in downloading the game on your mac then you must now can be done in two ways. By using torrent or by using direct download. From both ways you will obtain the game dmg image disk file. Once is download done open the file and start the game installation. Now run it and be a samurai.