Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game

Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game

Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game Review

The game, well know from a lot of people arrive for MacBooks. Anyone can download and play it on OS X free by following the buttons from this page. Overwatch is a great game released this year. Blizzard Entertainment added for us twenty one heroes all of them from 4 different categories. Is fun to play with each character but after you know his abilities you will chose only one for sure. The game have a good gameplay with some great graphics. As sound we give an 8. The game recently has been converted for macintosh and anyone who like it can play it.

Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game screenshot

Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game is an action combine with first person shooter with a lot of great weapons and maps. As i already said the characters are also in a large number and all of them have an ability that you will probably like it. Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game has been tested on an MacBook Pro with requirements listed below. Any macbook that have at least this requirements can play the game right now.

Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game requirements

Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game will need an CPU with at least 2.1 GHz speed and 4 GB Ram Memory. As free disk space is recommended to have approximately 30 GB.

Overwatch Mac OS X Full Game Download:


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Overwatch for OS X is free to download. Two ways are available to get the game on you mac. Any of that ways will bring on your mac an .dmg image file. Can be downloaded via torrent and and direct. If you choose to download via torrent you will need an torrent software installed like uTorrent. If you use direct download the file via start to download.