Patapon 2 MacBook Version

Patapon 2 MacBook Version

Patapon 2 MacBook Version

We have a new game for all the MacBooks and iMacs owners! We are talking about Patapon 2 MacBook Version now available here. This video game is developed by Pyramid and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Try it now and let us know what you think about it!

Before you install Patapon 2 MacBook Version, please check the requirements below.

Patapon 2 MacBook Version gameplay


It is fun to play this game! So let’s give you more details about it. The gameplay of Patapon 2 MacBook Version is pretty similar to its predecessor. You take control of a tribe of Patapon warriors in a manner like rhythm games. In order to command the warriors, you inputs specific sequences using the face buttons on the PSP. Each of them represents a ”talking drum”.

There are also other aspects you have to know. For instance, Yyour tribe is going to stop doing anything after performing the last entered command in case you don’t enter any more commands. Patapon 2 is divided into several missions. But before each mission, you can recruit new troops and assemble formations, equip troops with diverse weapons and armor, too. You are allowed to return to an earlier mission to acquire additional resources and equipment in order to build up the troops before a larger battle. We let you find more details about this 2020 game while playing it. So download it now and enjoy this unique experience!


Patapon 2 MacBook Version REQUIREMENTS

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 30 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.10 & up
  • Processor: i5

Patapon 2 MacBook Version DOWNLOAD


Direct Download     Torrent Download

The game is right now available to download via two different methods. Both methods are up and working, torrent is faster and direct is the simpler method one. So after it is downloaded, you have to extract the game folder from .dmg file and enjoy it.