Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook

Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook

Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook

Our team is proud to announce that Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook is now available. So you can play this puzzle video game on all Macintosh computers. It is a game developed and also published by Blendo Games. You take the role of a computer hacker back in 1980s. Along with that, you have and use a “top-of-the-line hacking deck outfitted with a 56.6k modem and a staggering 256k RAM”. Sounds interesting, right?

Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook gameplay


Quadrilateral Cowboy is an interesting game, played from the first-person perspective. Being a hacker in this game means you oversee one or more adept agents. They are trying to infiltrate buildings as well as steal a number of documents. You will notice that each agent owns unique abilities. In addition to your hacker with his Deck, another important character is there, having a saw to break through several doors. Other character is the one who can climb and move quick through levels.

With Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook, you get to experience what agents would see having virtual reality goggles. Remember that when agents are in front of locked doors, cameras or other security features, you have to create a program. This is because your goal is to manipulate security features without setting off the alarms.

Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 30 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.10 & up
  • Processor: i3

Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

The game is available to download via two different methods. Both are up and working, torrent is faster and direct is the simpler method. Once downloaded extract game folder from .dmg file and enjoy it.


More Game Details:

It is cool that while you progress in Quadrilateral Cowboy for MacBook, you get access to other gadgets, too. For instance, at some point you have access to a rover and you can use it for scouting as well as collecting objects. Being a hacker in this game is so much fun and you will enjoy it for sure.