ReCore for MacBook OS X

ReCore for MacBook OS X

ReCore for MacBook OS X Review is proud to present a new game available for Mac owners. ReCore for MacBook OS X can be downloaded by anyone right now. Official the developers released an version only for Xbox and PC but fortunately the game has been converted and now can be played on MacBooks. The game does not require installation of wine in order to can be played. You only need to download and install it then you can play it anytime. Developers worked almost two years to create ReCore and they made a great job with the game. Maybe is not the best game from this year but for sure is in top 10.

ReCore for MacBook OS X gameplay

ReCore is an action – adventure game which is played from third person perspective. On every step that we do in the game we are accompanied b y an little robot who helps us. This robot can be upgraded and will be stronger then. The game have a lot of action and also many puzzles to solve.  Graphics gets an 8 from us and like always can be better , also the sound effects are great and sometimes scary. On a scale from 0 to 10 we rate this game with 8.1 and recommend it for all MacBook owners.

Unfortunately the game require minimum 4 GB Ram and approximately 50 GB free space on your hard disk. This are the only bad thing about the game. Your MacBook should be at least from 2012 with minimum 2.6 GHz speed.

ReCore for MacBook OS X DOWNLOAD


Direct Download     Torrent Download

As we said above ReCore Mac Version can be downloaded free. Two ways are available in order to get the game. One of them is the recommended way via torrent. Download utorrent file and open it with BitTorrent. Second is by directly downloading the .dmg image disk file. After download install the game, go to application and run.