RimWorld MacBook OS X Version

RimWorld MacBook OS X Version

RimWorld MacBook OS X Version

We have good news for you! RimWorld MacBook OS X Version is now available and works perfect on all Macintosh computers. This is a top-down construction and management simulation video game. It is developed and also published by Ludeon Studios.We promise you that this game offers you an unique experience. So you have to try it!.

RimWorld MacBook OS X Version gameplay

Let’s begin with the story of RimWorld first. Three survivors from a crashed space liner are trying to build a colony on a frontier world. That world is situated at the rim of the galaxy. The game is designed like a story generator. This means is not about who is the winner or the loser. You will feel the drama, tragedy and even comedy in your colony. Also you will take part of different events like pirate raids, trader arrivals and even storms just to have a nice atmosphere. We have to tell that those events are chosen with a purpose. An AI Storyteller is analyzing your situation. After doing this, she decides which event is going to create the best story.

The survivors from the crashed passenger liner are anything from cooks, homemakers, nobles to journalists, urchins and soldiers. You have to take into consideration that each has a background that may affect how they play. So try to find their strength and weakness for each survivor and use that in your advantage. Another important thing in RimWorld MacBook OS X Version is that you don’t have hundreds of colonists. This way it is easier for you to know each one individually.

RimWorld MacBook OS X Version REQUIREMENTS

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 30 GB
  • OS X Version: 10.10 & up
  • Processor: i3

RimWorld MacBook OS X Version DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

The game is available to download via two different methods. Both are up and working, torrent is the faster method and direct is simpler. Once downloaded, you have to extract game folder from .dmg file. That’s it!


More Game Details:

Like in real life, people in RimWorld pay attention to situations and surroundings. Also they respond to situation like being hungry, tired, being left in darkness and other situations. It is interesting that if you want, you are able inspect a character’s psychology. So you can find out how they feel and the reasons. You have to take care of them in order to avoid having people in your colony too stressed out for example.