Steep Mac OS X Version

Steep Mac OS X Version

Steep Mac OS X Version

Steep is an extreme sports video game now available for MacBooks. The game developed by Ubisoft is already loved by a lot pf people and it haves only very positive ratings. Steep Mac OS X Version is available to download now free and anyone can get it via torrent or directly. Available in singe player and multiplayer mode the game let us challenge with our friends only and this is awesome. We can use wing suit, snowboard, paraglide and sky to challenge in the mountains. Also in the game Steep we can explore new places in the mountains, the player is equipped with binoculars.

Steep Mac OS X Version gameplay

This is probably one of the best extreme sport game in 2016 for Macintosh. Steep come with great graphics and awesome gameplay. This mac version is full and does not require activation. So just download it, install and play. You not need cd keys or cracks to play. Below is attached a image with the minimum requirements. Has been tested on MacBook Air and MacBook pro and found working without lag.

Steep Mac OS X Version requirements

Here are Steep Mac OS X Version requirements. 4 GB RAM memory should be enough in order to run without lag. The processor must be at least i3 with 2.1 GHz speed. Also check free disk space, the game require approxanimtelly 25 GB. Game has been tested and work great if you mac meet this requirements.

Steep Mac OS X Version DOWNLOAD


Direct Download     Torrent Download

You cand download the game right now. Chose to download it via torrent or directly. If you choose torrent then you need to download .torrent file and open it with uTorrent or BitTorrent. Select destination folder and wait for download to complete. Once is done go to destination folder and open .dmg image file. Run it and start the game installation. Now go to Apps folder and run the game. That’s all. ENJOY.