The Long Dark for MacBook

The Long Dark for MacBook

The Long Dark for MacBook

One of the most famous survival video game released in 2017 is finally here. The Long Dark for MacBook can now be downloaded using torrent or direct download. You will get full game as .dmg format. This version works on any iMac and MacBooks that meet the minimum requirements listed below.

The Long Dark for MacBook gameplay

The Long Dark for MacBook REQUIREMENTS

  • OS X Minimum: 10.9
  • Free Disk Space: 8.1 GB
  • Processor: i5
  • RAM: 4GB

The Long Dark for MacBook DOWNLOAD

Direct Download     Torrent Download

  Two methods are available for downloading the video game.  Direct download is simpler method but torrent require addition program (uTorrent). Once dmg file downloaded open it and extract full game to applications folder. 


The Long Dark is a first-person and survival video game,set in an open-world environment and released by Hinterland Studio on 1st August 2017. As a player, you will be in the role of a crash-landed bush pilot and you must survive the frigid Canada after a global terror and disaster.

The game has two modes: Story mode and Survival mode. On both modes your goal is to survive as long as possible. In order to complete this goal you will have to scave, utilize all the possible resource that you will find in the damaged world, resources such as food, water, medicine, firewood and even weapons and knives. In order to provide food for yourself you might even hunt for deers while protecting yourself from wolves and bears, who are a constant threat for you. All items found and resources regarding the wild life are randomly chosen, so there will be no 2 games to be alike, leaving you with the option to feel like you are playing a new game every time. You will have to take decisions carefully because tools and items degrade over time and you will need to decide which one you shall need, keep those items and repair them. In order to stay alive, you will regularly need to forage for food and fuel.

A fundamental part of the game is that is simulate day as well as night, the full cycle. Also, it also simulates temperature and windchill randomly, encouraging you to pay close attention to the weather in order to prevent death.

Apart from the 2 main modes, the game also has 4 modes ranging from easy to hard. The easiest mode is Piligrim, than it comes Voyageur, Stalker, and, the toughest one, Interloper.